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The ahegao face has its roots in gamer culture and Japanese hentai , and is now entering the IRL space in a major way. The idea of ahegao is that it captures a moment of sexual arousal so powerful that all usual faculties, like manners or attention to aesthetics, descend into visual chaos. Ahegao has been a part of hentai for years, though it has now become its own world. A quick glance through both subreddits makes it clear that ahegao is a bona-fide kink. Va cosplay ahegao went similarly viral, ushering in ahegao to the mainstream. View this post on Instagram First ahegao pic in a while! Also took a bunch of pics for my patreon todayy! A post shared by Belle 19 belle. Still, the lasting power of ahegao remains to be seen. View this post on Instagram DVA reporting for duty!
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The expression gives its wearer the distinct and distasteful appearance of having dropped an anvil on their foot while tripping on ibogaine.
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The internet loves a gamer girl, apparently, and the queen of them at the moment appears to be Belle Delphine. The term relates to Japanese anime and manga porn style known as hentai which loosely translates to pervert. Ahegao was first cited around the s, and describes the facial expressions of the characters in these hentai porn films as they reach orgasm.
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Show your love of erotic manga and anime , and disdain of social conventions, with a T-shirt! Anime or manga T-shirts , like band T-shirts, are a popular way of announcing to the rest of the world your interests and how you identify yourself. Funnily enough, not many people choose to show their love of animated pornography through their clothing , presumably one reason why being a dearth of buying options. No longer is that an issue, as an ahegao the name given to faces showing unbridled lust in anime and manga clothing range allows wearers to show their predilections, and look good, or more likely creepy, doing it. AliExpress , an online retailer which gathers together a number of Chinese manufacturers large and small some of whom have a very relaxed policy towards copyright infringement , is now selling the over-the-top face of desire on a range of clothes. If you already have a favourite T-shirt, you can have the ahegao design plastered all over your lower half instead, including some attention-grabbing face placement. Well, you do need something to wear on those occasions you can tear yourself away from your pillow. Whether the clothes count as NSFW or even not safe for wearing outside the house, is up to you. RocketNews24 Japanese. Like this: Like Loading
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A more realistic variant is known as ikigao. Also known as the O-Face, the term ahegao dates at least as far back as the early s. Pornographic magazines used the word to describe the facial expressions of female live-action porn actresses during orgasm. In the same context, ahegao was used in some postings at 2Channel and its sister community for adult content, BBSPink , as well as in pornographic videos at adult e-commerce platforms in the early s. In the midst of the s, use of the term increased, and the drawing style became rather conventionalized and started spreading throughout the otaku culture. In , the first ahegao -themed doujin comics anthology, A-H-E , was released. In the s, major publishers produced more ahegao -themed comic anthologies. By that time, the facial expression was featured in regular pornographic videos during the popularization of hentai fetishes in the real-life sex industry. Additionally, ahegao -like exaggerated facial expressions sometimes are featured in normal anime and manga works, in a non-sexual context. Typical characteristics are rolled eyes sometimes with star- or heart-shaped pupils , a hanging tongue, and flushed cheeks.
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Allow me to begin this special Gen Z edition of Jezebel Investigates with a disclaimer: the following unhinged exploration into Internet culture is not meant to overwhelm your senses with frivolous nonsense.

That, my friend, is a trend worth interrogating. As Vox put it , an egirl wears colorfully dyed hair, thrifted clothes, winged eyeliner, anime-inspired makeup hearts under the eyes, rosy blush on the cheeks and nose , hair clips and chains.

Eboys are somewhat similar, most notably wearing their hair parted down the middle. Like so:. But little has been explained about After some digging, I started to notice that Delphine frequently poses with a face very similar to that of other egirls—tongue out, eyes open and rolled back—and she often posts such images on Instagram with the hashtag ahegao.

As someone who has little-to-no relationship with anime or gaming culture, I was unfamiliar with the word. The idea appears to be to show an intense level of arousal, where someone loses their faculties completely.

That is Gen Z teenagers grew up on memes—their humor is inherently born of the Internet, and because of that, it is inherently ironic. It could be that I am very wrong and most egirls are well aware that their pose borrows from or mimics ahegao. They very well could be electing to pose in a similar fashion, changing the face ever so slightly to bastardize it, to make it ironic—therefore, co-opting it and transforming its connotation.

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